Gypsum Products

We import all kinds of gypsum materials so you can rest assured that you will find everything you need within our shop. We also stock plastering materials from the company Rigips, which provides us with materials that are ideal for both interior and exterior works. We also sell dry system products which employ very simple application methods which are ideal whether you will be doing the work yourself or getting a professional. We have a large compound product range such as Rigitone stucco per giunti 30 plus. If you wish we can also supply you with a new blade runner for dry walls.

gypsum materials

You can choose from gypsum plasters, tile adhesives, graffiato profiles, Silicato flameproof, gypsum boards, membrane and liquid membrane, product & systems for the protection and repairs of concrete structures, humidity control systems, building materials, tools & equipment and ducts acoustic ceiling.

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Why choose gypsum

With the help of gypsum you can turn every premise into your dream home. Whether you are looking to alter the interior or the exterior of your premises, gypsum is the perfect solution for you. The elements in gypsum will also help prevent a fire for up to 4 hours and are also ideal for those who wish to minimise sound travelling as gypsum is also an insulator. It can create a sound barrier which makes it the perfect item to choose if you wish to split a room, build a home theatre or more.

Hardware Products

Head over to our shop today, our experience and impressive stock will ensure you choose everything you need for your next project.

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