Not just a hardware store

Within our shop you can find a wide choice of hardware items, gypsum materials, household appliances and so much more. We want to provide an all-encompassing home-care shopping experience. 

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We offer a variety of items within our hardware store. From home appliances to gypsum materials and so much more, you will find everything you need for your project under one roof.



You can rely on us to always keep our shelves well stocked and to make sure that we provide you with items of great quality. We provide you with a holistic service throughout.



We are experts in the business and as well as being able to stock our shelves with the best items we are also available to provide you with excellent advice.

About our store

Vince Hardware Store & Gypsum Plasters is a multifaceted store and it is so because we wanted to make sure to provide our clients with a holistic service when it came to their home projects. If you are painting your home and you are unsure what colour you should choose we can provide you with all the advice you need as well as a choice of 10,000 tints that we have available within our shop.


We can also provide you with free delivery should you wish and we will come to you wherever you are. You can rest assured that you will be able to finish your home as well as fill it with all the appliances you need, just by visiting our shop, our expert advice will also help you choose the right tools, equipment and machinery for your purpose. 

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